How many calories does an hour of hot yoga burn?

All you need to know about Hot Yoga

Whenever we hear about hot yoga the first thing that comes to our mind is what hot yoga is. Right? There are so many types of misconceptions about it. But if you want to know How many calories does an hour of hot yoga burn? then you must know the necessary details about it first. It is a special form of yoga that is quite vigorous and generally performed in a humid and hot studio. 

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The standard temperature in this type of yoga studio is around 40 degrees Celsius and you have to do certain stretching and standing postures with lengthy and forceful contractions of all the major types of muscles in your body. 

The amount of heat is designed in such a way that it can raise the level of your heart rate and also exercise all the muscles properly. There are different types of notions about hot yoga and you have to consult your doctor beforehand to go for it. Because hot yoga is not suitable for everyone and that is why you have to be careful about your health condition.

So many people ask about performing hot yoga when pregnant. In that case, it is not a good idea to go for hot yoga. You may wonder how many calories does an hour of hot yoga burns. But to know that you have to understand what are the benefits of it. 

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What are the benefits of hot yoga?

Now if we talk about the benefits of doing hot yoga then the first question that will come to our mind is how many calories do you burn doing yoga. General yoga burns calories but you have to be careful about your health condition before going for the hot yoga session.

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There are some specific benefits of hot yoga along with the information regarding yoga calorie burn. Those benefits are discussed below.

  1. Increment in Flexibility

Hot yoga can increase your flexibility to a great extent. You have to pay attention to how hot is hot yoga temperature inside the studio. Because this is one of the most important factors when you are going for the calculation of yoga calories burned.

It increases flexibility because high temperature can improve your stretching beyond your limit and that is why you will be able to achieve higher flexibility by doing hot yoga regularly. 

  1. Detoxification

If you want to know about what does hot yoga does for your body then the first answer will be detoxification. You will generate a lot of sweat during your hot yoga class and it removes all the chemicals and toxins from your body in that way.

That is why you have to pay attention to how hot is the room in hot yoga and drink a lot of water before starting it. If you don’t do that then you may go through serious dehydration. 

  1. Glow in Skin

Whenever the blood circulation increases in our body our skin gets glowing. That is why if you do hot yoga, it will increase your blood circulation and will clear your skin to some extent irrespective of calories burned in yoga.

You can also try out the Bikram Yoga form of hot yoga but you have to understand how hot Bikram yoga before going for it is. But if you want to rejuvenate your dull skin then this is a very good way to do that. 

  1. Weight Loss

We all are concerned about weight and that is why we always think about how many calories burned in yoga or how many calories does yoga burns in 60 minutes. But to know that properly you have to understand how often you should do hot yoga. Because it is a bit vigorous and that is why you have to be careful about the frequency of it and also what to wear to hot yoga so that you don’t feel stressed.

It helps to exercise your cardiovascular system and that is why serious weight loss can be done by doing hot yoga. The research showed if you do 90 minutes of the session for Bikram yoga then you can even burn around 1000 calories at a go. 

  1. Enhance Heart Health

If you are a patient with hypertension then you can go for a hot yoga session. You need to know what is hot vinyasa yoga which is helpful for this type of illness.

You may also get some idea about vinyasa yoga calories burned. But if weight loss is not your concern then you may ignore that fact as well. 

  1. Increase Mindfulness

If you want to work with a clear mind then you should practice some mindfulness. And nothing else is better than doing some yoga for that.

You can also go through the process of how to do hot yoga at home. You just need to prepare a room and then spend an hour or so practicing some mindfulness. It will give you some peace for sure. 

  1. Boosting Mood

Hot yoga can boost your mood. Because the blood circulation level will increase and you will feel rejuvenated by doing hot yoga.

So if you are feeling low or want to have something to lift your mood then you must try out doing some yoga without thinking about how many calories do you burn during hot yoga.

Because in that case, the exercise will be much more vigorous which is not important if you want to just boost your mood.

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Summing up

  • These are the benefits of doing hot yoga.
  • You may wonder about what is Bikram hot yoga and how hot is hot yoga. It is depended on the purpose as well.
  • There are different forms of hot yoga and you have to choose your kind as per your requirement.
  • If you want to lose weight then you should research How many calories does an hour of hot yoga burn? or the Bikram yoga calorie burn level.
  • If you want to recover from some illness then the whole idea of hot yoga will be different for you.
  • So you should always go for the purpose in your mind and then only choose the best form of hot yoga to continue with it.
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