7 Best Hot Yoga Mat Towel – Ultimate Guide

An Introductory List of the Top 7 Hot Yoga Towels 

When practicing hot yoga, otherwise known as Bikram, sweating is just a bi-product and rather a common occurrence. With raised temperatures and yoga practice metabolism-boosting effects, a yoga grip towel at hand can prevent your mat from getting drenched in sweat and result in slipping. 

By considering extensive research on customers’ unbiased reviews, our team of experts got their hands on the most reputed hot yoga towels for introduction to your best hot yoga mat towel kit.

This article introduces a list of the top 7 Bikram Yoga mats and towels that you must have with you for your next Bikram Yoga session. Additionally, with all that excess sweating, don’t forget to carry your water bottle to avoid dehydration

Now, let’s get into the details;

Top Pick

Gaiam Yoga Hand Towel


  • Size: 20″W x 30″L
  • Color: Granite Storm/Citron
  • Material: 75% Polyester, 25% Nylon.
  • Brand: Gaiam

Product Description:

  1. Designed for ease of use, this yoga hand towel offers a hands size edition, suitable for modern women who run from office to their yoga session.
  2. It occupies minimum space while offering exceptionally absorbent material that can carry the function of a full-size yoga mat towel. Within just 20 by 30 inches of cloth space.
  3. It is designed with microfiber technology with easy to clean and dry features.
  4. In a test run, our experts approve the company’s claim that these best hot yoga mat towels dry up in exactly half the time required to dry a cotton towel- given the same environmental condition such as wind and temperature factors.
  5. For further enhancement as the best Bikram yoga towel, it is designed with antiallergy grade material; it means that it does not release any particles in the air that trigger a reaction in allergy-sensitive users.
  6. This edition is a hundred percent machine washable.
Top Pick

Manduka eQua Yoga Towel


  • Size: 1 EA
  • Color: Coral
  • Brand: Manduka

Product Description:

  1. For yogis that prefer full coverage and those prone to excessive sweat more than others, this towel offers a perfect fit; a yoga mat covers the entire yoga mat- considering a traditionally sized practice mat of 68 by 24 inches.
  2. Akin to the hot yoga towel characteristics, this edition is highly absorbent while offers fast drying features.
  3. In case of forgetting your mat behind, this perfect towel can also save the day; with enough thickness, cushiony feel, and the perfect size, the best yoga mat towel can be used as a valid substitute for your yoga mat.
  4. The baseline fabric is constructed from a fine blend of polyester and nylon and woven together with micro Nanotechnology. To keep your hot yoga towel clean of every use, all you need to do is to throw it with a load of washing machine- although our experts recommend the use of cold water setting for an increased life span.
Top Pick

GoSweat Non-Slip Hot Yoga Towel


  • Size: Standard – 26.5 x 72
  • Color: Evening Blue
  • Material: EASY FABRIC CARE
  • Brand: Shandali

Product Description:

  1. Another full-sized edition to cover your yoga mat entirely, this nonslip yoga towel offers you full support throughout a Bikram Yoga session.
  2. Besides highly absorbent features and quick-drying, these series furnish a comfortable feel- best for those with knees and joint injuries.
  3. Versatile to use, you can use this mat for your yoga session, take it to your Pilate practice, use it while getting a massage, or even carry it to the beach- wherever you are.
  4. This mat provides you with enough support, while the technologic microfiber yoga towel keeps the dust and dirt away- offering a pleasant experience.
  5. Cold washing machine cleaning is the most recommended maintenance technique. 
Top Pick

Youphoria Yoga Towel 24 x 72


  • Size: 24 x 72
  • Color: Gray Towel/Blue Stitching
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Brand: Youphoria Yoga

Product Description:

  1. Among our most favorite picks and best yoga towel in the market, this towel is designed for versatile use, although its founding design was proposed as a hot Shandali Yoga towel.
  2. This yoga grip towel adds a sense of comfort to your practice with an extra cushiony feel, accompanied by fast drying and absorbent in-built features.
  3. The sweat-free space and pleasurable practice even had proven encouraging to some of their users.
  4. According to their yoga towel review and testimonials, the users got into a better shape by keeping on the constant practice.
  5. Moving into more challenging poses was also simplified as the users did not fear an occasional fall with the secure plush surface beneath them.
  6. With this towel, you can be sure that your palms, below your feet, and the entire body remain dry throughout your practice.
  7. The company is so sure of their customer satisfaction level that they offer a hundred percent money-back guarantee.
  8. For the best washing results, match the colors with your towel to avoid color bleeding in the machine load. 
Top Pick

Gaiam Yoga Mat Towel


  • Color: Riverside
  • Brand: Gaiam
  • Material: Polyester/Nylon blend
  • Item Weight: 0.57 Pounds

Product Description:

  1. Crafted with ultra-soft material, the Nanotechnology built within the fabric of this towel boasts fast drying and highly absorbent qualities.
  2. Used as a yoga mat towel combo, they are constructed for Bikram and hot yoga sessions for any duration, without keeping your body and skin exposed to moisture- in order to guarantee a focused and non-slippery yoga session.
  3. According to our research, these mats are able to absorb liquids over seven times their own weight- that is almost double what a traditional cotton towel absorbs.
  4. The perfect size of this yoga mat towel for hot yoga offers you full coverage and protection from the yoga mat’s potential dirt- hence contributing to overall hygiene.
  5. With a lightweight and easily foldable, these towels fit into just any bag- from yoga practice essentials to your beach bag to a hiking backpack.
  6. However, what makes these Bikram yoga mat towel combo truly exceptional is the silicon-free technology, with maximum friction for a safe yoga practice.
Top Pick

Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel


  • Color: Geija
  • Brand: Yogitoes
  • Material: 30% recycled polyester, 60% new polyester, 10% nylon, 100% silicone nubs
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 68 x 24 x 68 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.49 Kilograms

Product Description:

  1. Enlisted as the most beautiful yoga mat and towel on our list, the design of this towel recalls the very origins of Bikram yoga with subtle connotations to Indian art.
  2. As one of the most significant features, it comes with patented skidless technology, which means no slipping when exposed to sweat.
  3. Constructed with moisture-wicking yet fast drying innovation, this edition is a perfect companion throughout the hot yoga sessions.
  4. Durable and versatile, it could be used for camping, swimming, to daily exercise practices in various athletic fields.
  5. For planet-conscious yogis, it may be of interest that this brand used recycled material to engineer their yoga mat cover for hot yoga. Machine washable with similar colors and cold setting.
Top Pick

Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat


  • Color: SAPPHIRE
  • Brand: AURORAE
  • Material: PER bottom and Microfiber Top
  • Item Weight: 1.61 Pounds

Product Description:

  1. Curated with American engineering, this towel accompanies you from a hot yoga session to a normal day to the sunkissed summer shores.
  2. Active yoga and flowing into tricky poses imposes little concern on these skidless yoga towels, backed with the latest non-skid technology.
  3. The design comes with an exceptional feature- the moister they become, the tackier and non-slippier they get.
  4. Each towel has been tested for safety while upholding refined features such as durability and machine washability.
  5. These hot yoga towels are the only ones on our list, sold to the users with a two years guarantee certificate.

A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Yoga Blankets

What is a yoga towel?

The traditional yogis require no more than a yoga mat, comfy pants and clothes, and their zen state of mind to get into yoga practice. Although with the rise of temperatures, circumstances change.

In addition to requiring a perfect top and pants for hot yoga and increased hydration frequency, you also need a towel to help you dry out all the pouring sweat.

The plus point to carrying the best yoga mat towel for hot yoga is for the poses that call for putting your face and scalp directly on the mat, which more often than none becomes dirty by the feet or rolled up ground contacts- a tip for all cleanliness-conscious yogis. 

 A hot yoga towel or a normal bath serviette?

while, for instance, a coffee grinder for Aeropress is not the same as saying food processor for shredding cabbage, the designer aspects and utility of these two towels are completely different;

The core difference between the best hot yoga mat towel and a normal bath towel is the ingrained technology in its textile; yoga towels for hot yoga are integrated with technologies that make them highly absorbent and quick-dry compared to ordinary versions. 

An extra tip;

While between the yoga mat and your best hot yoga mat towel may not be such a great contraction, you can dampen your hot yoga towel by spraying a little water. This should decrease the probability of you slipping off your practice mat greatly. 

In conclusion, which towel is the best for you?

  • As a hot yoga practitioner, using a hot yoga towel keeps you ahead of your game by increasing comfort as well as incorporating more safety into your practice; be it from hygienic aspects or keeping you safe from slipping and tipping over in your moistened surface of yoga mat by excess sweat. 
  • With the list above, you are now familiar with the yoga mat towel reviews, brand trust, and our expert first-hand test control.
  • Depending on the required size and usage, you can choose from any of these above while keeping your mind at rest that you are receiving value for your money.
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