Top 5 Best Yoga Mat For Hardwood Floors

Indoor yoga mats, whether in a yoga studio or at the comfort of your home, should offer you enough protection when practicing on hard surfaces. The best exercise mats for hardwood floors are designed for cuisine comforts, non-slip features, and durability. Best Yoga Mat For Hardwood Floors also work for marble floors, concrete surfaces, and various types of wood paneling. 

These best yoga mats for hardwood floors are often thicker than your usual yoga mat to add extra comfort to your practice, and often slightly bigger than the standard size to accommodate easy practice without rolling over the hard floor. 

To get the best out of your practice, we have gathered the best entry mats for hardwood floors that are cushiony and nonslippery, backed by remarkable customer reviews and brand reputation. 

Here are our 5 Best Yoga Mat for Hardwood Floors

  1. TOPLUS Yoga Mat – Classic 1/4 Inch Thick
  2. Hezeb Yoga Mat – Classic 1/4 1/3 Inch Thick
  3. Hatha Yoga Extra Thick – 1/2 Inch Thick TPE Yoga Mat
  4. MIZUAN – 1/4 1/3 1/2 inch Thick
  5. JELS Extra Thick Yoga Mat – 2/5 Inch Thick
Top Pick



  • Color : Blue
  • Brand : TOPLUS
  • Material : Thermoplastic Elastomers
Top Pick

Hezeb Yoga Mat


  • Color : Deep blue+light blue
  • Brand : Hezeb
  • Material : Thermoplastic Elastomers
Top Pick

Hatha Yoga Mat


  • Color : Orange/Gray
  • Brand : Hatha yoga
  • Material : Thermoplastic Elastomers
Top Pick



  • Color : Darkblue&blue
  • Brand : MIZUAN
  • Material : Thermoplastic Elastomers
Top Pick

JELS Yoga Mat


  • Color : green
  • Brand : TENOL
  • Material : Thermoplastic Elastomers

Why do you need a hardwood floor yoga mat?

So using a hardwood floor yoga mat is a two-way road! What do I mean by that? First, let’s start with the floor itself. Wood flooring is always expensive work. Scratches, impacts, and any movement that can damage the floor leave a permanent mark which is often costly to repair.

Using the cushiony yoga mats not only helps to prolong the life of the hardwood floor, but also gatanettes to keep their appearance luxuriously sleek. If you are wondering what to put under a treadmill on the hardwood floor, these mats are a perfect choice.

The second factor is about your yoga practice experience. A comfy yoga mat offers you enough comfort to practice with ease of mind on a hard wooden floor and without facing discomfort. This is especially true if you have sensitive joints and skin, any previous injuries and generally prefer comfort to hardship(and who doesn’t?). A minimum of 0.5-inches thick is required to guarantee this feature. 

What to look for when buying a yoga mat for the hardwood floor?

  1. Thickness

As previously mentioned, these workout floor pads are thicker than usual varieties, offering 0.5-inches thickness and more to add to its bouncy and comfortable feel. 

  1. Slip-free Features

Those beautifully sleek surfaces come with a price, slipperiness. If you are planning to practice yoga and flow into advanced poses, you must make sure there is a possibility of slipping which can at best disturb your practice and at worst, give you a bruise and even an injury.

Rigged bottom designs and nonslippery rubber coating under the surface prevent slipping of the mat, while textured sutras on the upper side help you to lock into your prose. 

  1. Material

Wood yoga mats are not recommended for practicing over a surface, although cork yoga mats can be a good option. You can use rubber as a natural choice or the best plyometric mat as an artificial yet extra cushiony variety.

  1. Brand reputation

Well, ruptured yoga mat brands guarantee many aspects when it comes to practical features such as durability for your thick exercise mat. A reliable brand offers you exactly what they advertise, without leaving any space for doubt.

  1. Size

If you are practicing on the exercise equipment mats for hardwood floors, you want your mat to give you enough space. Having a slightly bigger mat helps you move freely and practice all the horizontal poses without coming in contact with the floor. Also, the large exercise mats for home are often thicker, you must make sure your mat is large enough so you won’t fall off the edge. 

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Tip of the Day

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