Best Yoga Mats under $50 – Affordable Yoga Mats

Yoga is one of the most humble and affordable sports available. You don’t need any fancy equipment, expensive gym memberships, or a certain space to practice yoga. You can just do it anywhere and anytime you feel like it. That’s what we have came up with Best Yoga Mats under $50 for your daily use.

However, there is a bare minimum required to make your practice reasonably ideal. Besides free-flowing yoga pants and clothes or perhaps yoga blocks, the most essential equipment to do yoga is a good yoga mat. You won’t have to spend too much money on a yoga mat, but enough to get something of quality and function. We have gathered the most budget-friendly yoga mats under $50 for your use- then here is the best place to buy a yoga mat;

7 Best Yoga Mats under $50Affordable Yoga Mat to Buy

  1. Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print Extra Thick
  2. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat
  3. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/4-Inch Yoga Mat
  4. Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat
  5. Sivan Health and Fitness 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat
  6. ​IUGA Non Slip Textured Surface Eco Friendly Yoga Mat
  7. Tikaton Hot Yoga Mat Eco Friendly 1/4 inch
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Top Pick

Gaiam Yoga Mat


  • Color : Capri
  • Brand : Gaiam
  • Material : Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 1.5 x 0.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 0.8 Ounces
Top Pick

BalanceFrom GoYoga 1/2-Inch


  • Color : Gray
  • Brand : BalanceFrom
  • Material : Foam
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 24 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.8 Pounds
Top Pick

BalanceFrom GoYoga 1/4-Inch


  • Color : Blue
  • Brand : BalanceFrom
  • Material : Foam
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 68 x 24 x 0.25 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.5 Pounds
Top Pick

Amazon Basics Yoga Mat


  • Color : Purple
  • Brand : Amazon Basics
  • Material : Foam
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 74 x 24 x 0.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 2.48 Pounds
Top Pick

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat


  • Color : Black
  • Brand : Sivan Health and Fitness
  • Material : Foam
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 24 x 0.39 x 71 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.75 Pounds
Top Pick

IUGA Yoga Mat


  • Color : Ocean
  • Brand : IUGA
  • Material : Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 72 x 24 x 0.25 inches
  • Item Weight : 2.4 Pounds
Top Pick

Tikaton Hot Yoga Mat


  • Color : Woodgrain Pink-POE
  • Brand : Tikaton
  • Material : Foam

Advantages and Features of the Right Yoga Mats

  1. Affordability

Let’s start with the first factor in question here. To get a yoga mat, you need to pay for it first. So affordability is a huge factor to consider. Although, the best affordable yoga mats are also guaranteed in the quality aspects and performance. If it is cheap, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t give you the best yoga experience of your life. So choosing the best workout yoga mat with the right balance between quality and price, you can rely on us. This is the exact reason why we have curated this list for you. 

  1. Thickness

This is another important factor when buying a yoga mat. Depending on your utility, several kinds of mats vary in their thickness, hence the amount of cushion they provide for your joints and muscles. 

If you have a history of bone injury, for instance, or are just a beginner who is not too comfortable on the hard ground feel, you may want to choose from the cushioned yoga mats available such as 1 2 inches thick yoga mat, or a 2-inch thick yoga mat, etc.

  1. Surface Texture

There are different designs of a yoga mat with different textures. Some are rigged, dotted, or even smooth flat. The stronger the texture of these patterns are the more stability and friction they offer. Smooth yoga mats are often made for in-studio yoga practices. 

I recommend getting a yoga mat with texture on both lower parts and upper surface to keep your limbs steady while holding your mat in place during more active poses. 

  1. Material

Your yoga mat material can be chosen based on a few considerations. Here is a shortlist of the available material for the yoga mats and why they are good for you.

Rubber: made from natural rubber tree resin, rubber yoga mats are affordable, allergy-free, and eco-friendly. They are often designed with a colorful range and available with textures. If you have any joint pain and sensitivity in your body, the rubber material is naturally very comfortable and can make a perfect companion for your practice. 

  1. Bamboo or Wood

Bamboo yoga mats are the best outdoor yoga mat and a favorite of ashtanga yogis. The wood yoga mats, in general, are made from small and treated strips of wood that are masterful but together to create a smooth surface. They are pliable and give you that perfect natural touch most yogis love. 

The wood yoga mats are a hundred percent allergy-free and extremely eco-friendly. They are available in lesser color combinations and often in natural wood colors. They are perfect for Bikram Yoga, ashtanga with many demanding poses, and outdoor yoga practices.

  1. Cork

One may consider cork yoga mats in the category of wood because they are made from oak tree bark. They are also natural, super eco-conscious, and relatively affordable. They provide a more cushiony surface compared to other wood yoga mats, also they are slightly heavier and are perfect as the best yoga mat for carpet. If you want to use a natural and comfortable yoga mat, these are a perfect choice. 

  1. Polyethene

Pliable polyethylene is a plastic compound and on the less natural side. However, they provide great flexibility, affordable options, comfort, and color and design combination. If you don’t have any allergies, you can use the best yoga mat on the markets, and as long as you dispose of them the right way, you don’t have to worry about environmental consequences, except for making sure it gets recycled. 

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