5 Best Yoga Poses for Sinusitis

How to get rid of sinus permanently and naturally?

There are many reasons behind the rise of those throbbing pains and headaches caused by infected sinuses; allergies, seasonal changes, cold and viruses, chemical exposures and irritation caused by other underlying diseases. Whichever may be the cause, you can control and reduce these inflammations by doing yoga for sinusitis. Here we have discussed Best Yoga Poses for Sinusitis that you can do at home.

How? Yoga poses for sinus relief, increases blood circulation and helps breathing, which helps unblock the nose passage. Doing regular yoga in addition to an integral approach to sinusitis can complete healing of your sinuses. 

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Yoga Practices that Help Management of Sinusitis:

So how to get relief from sinus? Here is a collection of extremely easy Yoga Poses for Sinusitis that are effective against sinusitis. I have given a complete overview of the Yoga poses and the best way to practice them below.

1. Downward-facing dog pose

Several yogis swear by this pose to be an all time healer, enhancer of flexibility, building strength and even increase stamina- all in one pose.

Place your yoga mat on the floors and get on all fours similar to cat pose. Press your toes to the ground and lift your hips in the air. Stable your weight on your hands by pressing down on your pals. Keep your arms and back straight. It is advisable to keep your knees straight as well, but if your flexibility limit does not permit it, keep your knees bent. But remember, always keep your back straight. Take deep breaths with 4 counts inhale and 8 counts exhale. Repeat for 5 times and go back to the cat pose by bending your knees down. Repeat 5 times every day.

2. Shoulder-Stand Pose

If you want to Clear your sinuses in 20 seconds, this is your pose! This shoulder stand pose is known for assisting blood flow to your shoulders, neck and face. If there are any blockages, this pose helps resolve them.

Lie on your yoga mat first, as in Savasana pose, with hands aligned on the side. Then bend your knees and arch your bag. Place your palms above your buttocks to provide support, as shown in the picture. Then swing your leg up and balance yourself in the center, distributing your weight between your neck and elbows. Hold in the pose from 30 to 60 seconds and then release. Repeat 5 times. 

3. Bridge Pose

Not only a great pose to get your back and thighs in shape, you can also enjoy this pose which can assist arthritis, chest pain, neck stiffness and sinusitis. 

Lay flat on your yoga mat and place your knees in a 90 degree position. Then arch your back by pressing down your feet and shoulders. You can grab hold of your ankles or just leave your hands relaxed on the floor. If you are feeling stress on your back, provide support to your arching spine, similar to the last pose. Stay in the position for 20-30 seconds and repeat 5 times. 

4. Fish Pose

An ultimate stretching and flexibility pose, the fish pose relieves all the stiffness from your body if done regularly. And for sinusitis, this yoga for allergy and sinusitis pose has been one of the ancient remedies. 

Start by lying flat on your back, then slowly slight your arms beneath your body. Lift up your head and chest as shown in the photo. Place the top of your head on the flood and maintain balance by putting the right amount of arch in your spine for relieving blocked sinuses. Inhale and exhale with 4 by 8 ratio 10 times. Also repeat 5 times.

5. Cobra Pose

Doing yoga to have a flat belly is great, but fixing your sinusitis may seem more important. What if you could do both? Cobra pose is amazing to get rid of extra fat, improve posture and help to get rid of allergy inflammation. 

Lie on your stomach and keep your forward to the ground while your hands are stretched on the side. Place your palms in the font of your body and shoulder length apart, and lift up slowly. Press your shoulder blades together while flexing your belly muscle consequently. Fix your gaze upwards and hold in the pose for 15 to 45 seconds. This offers a great head position to drain sinuses. Repeat 5 times. 

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Some Other Tips to Rid Yourself of Sinusitis:

Here are some quick reminders that help you get rid of your sinusitis the natural way, alongside yoga for sinus headaches.

  • Get enough sleep
  • Stay hydrated
  • Perform face yoga for nose
  • Avoid late night snacks
  • Drink warm water upon rising
  • Chew your food slowly
  • Indulge in pranayam postures
  • Take ayurvedic medicine for sinus congestion
  • Soupy and spicy food are great for non-allergy related sinusitis
  • Walking and breathing practices help drainage of the blockage
  • Take your vitamins, especially D and C

And above all, avoid cigarettes and substances that may increase your allergy, such as alcohol fried food and 

Final Words

Doing yoga at any stage can keep your body healthy, sinusitis or not! But when it comes to sinus health, yoga for congestion practices enhance the blood flow in the facial area and help eliminate many alignments, including polyps, breathing issues and sinusitis.

Please note to consult your doctor before performing any exercise if your sinuses are in chronic condition or caused by facial injury. Avoidance of doing so may cause further complications, pain, and discomfort. 

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