Why Do I Feel Sick After Yoga?

Wondering Why You Feel Sick After Yoga?

Yoga has many benefits. We all have accepted this as a fact. Moreover, there are many studies to back the benefits of yoga from a scientific perspective. But like any other thing in life, yoga and its benefits are not a matter of black and white; there are also shades of gray in the middle. A small percentage of yoga practitioners, especially in the beginning stages. But the good news is that yoga is not the cause of these problems and is usually caused by an underlying issue. 

Once you have the problem figured out, Why Do I Feel Sick After Yoga? you are no longer worried about the adverse effects of trying to be healthy. If you find yourself among the people that do not feel well after practicing yoga, then you have come to the right place. 

Let’s recap the side effects of yoga, then we get to the bottom of it together by understanding what happens to your body when you start doing yoga.

Here are some problems you may have been feeling when practicing yoga: 

  • A surge in the lactic acid in muscles and hence feeling itchy or extreme fatigue
  • Nausea caused by a heavy meal 
  • You are on a low nutrition diet or trying to lose weight by not eating enough 
  • You haven’t detox for a LONG time and you give in to temptations when it comes to junk food and drinks
  • Or you are detoxing, and your blood is thicker than usual
  • You have been through an emotional trauma not long ago
  • Hormones and stomach bugs due to menstrual cycle

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Unpleasant Post-Yoga effects

If you are a newbie, you should give time to your body before making any judgments. You may be simply adjusting and there are no issues. Nonetheless, this guide will help you spot the most common issues after yoga practice and how to fix them.

  • Lactic Acid and Muscles:

So ask yourself, should I be sore after yoga? Lactic acid is a normal byproduct of burning sugars and energy in muscular cells. But excess amounts of lactic acid are produced when muscles are weak or overworked due to aggressive yoga. If you are a new yogi, you are on medication that has muscle relaxing effects or, for any other reasons, you have left your body under exercise. Weak muscles are very common. These lethargy-causing compounds can make your body pain and even feel kind of boneless. 

This is a very temporary condition and you can make it go away by starting with restorative yoga and constant practice. 

  • Nauseous and Dizzy 

This one is more common than you think. If you constantly feel nauseous after doing yoga, please read my article on Can Yoga Make You Nauseous. It could be caused by a variety of reasons, including:

  • Hot Yoga Beginners:

 The rise of practice room temperatures and metabolism together may not be everyone’s cup of tea- in the beginning. These Temperatures may make you feel nauseous after hot yoga as an overheating reaction. Bikram yoga headache is another common side effect, also caused by overheating. Wear breathable clothing and keep hydrated to cope better. 

  • Eating a Big Meal:

Feel like vomiting after a workout? If you have indulged in food before practicing, muscle flux can translate into stomach flux- hence an after yoga feeling. Steer clear of food at least two hours before practice. But make sure to enjoy a nutritious meal 3 or 4 hours before to provide enough energy. Remember, low energy can cause low blood pressure. 

  • Being on a calorie deficient Diet:

When working out, all want to hit sour golden weight and FAST! But if you try to do it too fast, the results are not too great. Health can be affected when you are on a calorie deficient diet and you join intense exercises as well. The symptoms may be nausea and dizziness during yoga, general fatigue that worsens during practice, feeling shaky, etc. 

Balancing diet and choices of whole food is the Key!

  • Dehydration:

Dehydration can cause an imbalance in coordination, muscle function and even cause psychological issues! Drink at least 8 glasses of water. And if you are a coffee freak like me, you have got to add in two more glasses for the diuretic effects of caffeinated drinks. 

Keep hydrated throughout the day and take small sips of water during your practice and you have this problem sorted out. 

  • Toxins:

Alcohol, fried food, caffeine (guilty!), sugar, you name it! All types of food and drinks that come under the junk food category cause gathering of toxins in your liver and gallbladder. When doing yoga with a body full of toxins, the reaction can be as bad as liver pain to fatigue, and a feeling of lacking oxygen. 

Why Do I Feel Sick After Yoga? The solution? Detox!

If you are on your detox routine and doing yoga, then good for you! But it may be a bit uncomfortable. While yoga helps your process of detoxing, you may still feel some of the symptoms accompanied by more fatigue and feeling just a little bit off!

Stay patient and follow through with your detox and practice and you are good to go. 

  • Hormones:

Let’s talk about hormones. They may be imbalanced by stress, medicine, or monthly body rituals. Whether they could make you feel not just the best version of yourself, deep breathing and yoga can still help you to manage these chemical surges. 

  • Emotional Trauma: 

Trauma settles not just in the mind, but also in the body. Yoga helps you to release toxins, but it can still behave in strange ways. You may feel nauseous, weak, and even have nervous attacks.

Get to the bottom of the problem and let yourself release through laughing loud, screaming in the outdoor field, and even crying. Breathing and mindfulness practices are known to be extremely beneficial,

In a Nutshell

You may be feeling other symptoms that I have not mentioned here. But take your time with yourself and listen to your body. And I assure you that you must be able to hear what is wrong! You can also help yourself by practicing yoga poses for nausea,  and taking the precautions mentioned above. 
Some issues may be more profound. Consult your physician, if you feel chronic pain anywhere in your body, dizziness as well as nausea that doesn’t go away. 

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