What Shoes Do You Wear to Yoga?

What Shoes Do You Wear to Yoga?

When it comes to style, yoga pants can be worn with classic sneakers, flat sandalsjogging pants, or sneakers. But for practicing yoga with shoes, we are talking about a whole different matter. 

If you wear shoes in a yoga class, be aware that you may need a pair of shoes when you enter the studio lobby. However, we recommend purchasing a new pair of yoga shoes specifically for your yoga practice, as your studio may not be too keen on wearing shoes to class. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with wearing shoes; you will be able to perform all yoga poses with standard running shoes as if you were barefoot. 

Also, if you don’t like it when your feet touch the cold floor in a yoga studio, or you just feel safer in shoes, yoga shoes can be your salvation.

In this article, we will introduce some of the best yoga shoes to add to your yoga kit for your zen yoga practice and look at some additional aspects. 

Let’s begin!

Top yoga shoes Available in the Market in 2022

If you don’t like the thought of wearing shoes but don’t feel comfortable walking barefoot, you have two other options. Also, if you want to practice yoga outdoors, it is best to wear yoga shoes.

Here are our top 7 hand-picked of the best yoga shoes available in the market;

  1. VIFUUR Barefoot Quick-Dry unisex Aqua Sports, Yoga Socks Slip-on
  2. Mishansha Quick Dry unisex shoes for Aqua Sports, beach walking, and Yoga
  3. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2
  4. Stelle Girls Ballet Practice, and Yoga Shoes
  5. FitKicks Original Women’s Foldable Sporty shoes for Aqua Sports, and Yoga
  6. Vibram Women’s Five Fingers, V-Soul Yoga Shoes
  7. HMIYA unisex shoes for Aqua Sports, and Yoga
Top Pick

VIFUUR Yoga Socks Shoes


  • Material : Rubber sole, elastic outer part
  • Design : Slip-on
  • Brand : VIFUUR
Top Pick

Mishansha Yoga Shoes


  • Material : Spandex, rubber
  • Design : Slip-on sneakers
  • Brand : Mishansha
Top Pick

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2


  • Material : Eco-friendly rubber, cotton
  • Design : flip-flops with a wrap
  • Brand : Sanuk
Top Pick

Stelle Girls Yoga Shoes


  • Material : Leather sole+ Breathable PU upper
  • Design : Slip-on
  • Brand : STELLE
Top Pick

FitKicks Yoga Shoes


  • Material : Rubber, Spandex blend
  • Design : Slip-on
  • Brand : FitKicks
Top Pick

Vibram Five Fingers Yoga Shoes


  • Material : synthetic sole, Polyester mesh
  • Design : Slip-on
  • Brand : Vibram
Top Pick

HMIYA Yoga Socks Shoes


  • Material : Rubber sole, elastic outer part
  • Design : Slip-on
  • Brand : HMIYA

Yoga Shoes: to Be or Not to Be

Often, yoga studios allow you to wear shoes in class, especially if you already have a health issue or injury. However, some yoga studios advise you not to wear yoga shoes, while others may require them for safety reasons, so be sure to check with the studios you frequent before buying shoes. 

It may be a good idea to let your instructor know that you will be wearing shoes so that he knows that you are doing it by choice and not unaware of how most people do barefoot yoga. 

Where Do You Need to Wear Yoga Shoes?

There are also a few scenarios (yoga hiking comes to mind) where shoes are needed. Some people find that yoga shoes are comfortable enough to wear all the time, but it also depends on the flexibility of the foot and the softness of the materials. 

I recommend wearing a slip-on to the yoga studio so you can get in and out quickly. The yoga socks are not ideal for walking on bumpy terrain because they don’t have protection at the toe and back of the heel, but they are great for various sports as they have excellent non-slip protection and are similar to grip socks, but they fit like shoes. 

Only if you feel more comfortable Yoga shoes or cross-trainers if clean, special yoga shoes if they don’t come off the mat Yoga studio cleaning Optional, equipment should be disinfected between socks or shoes that cover the entire foot. Discomfort No, unless you have a previous medical condition or if the pain persists. 

Features to Look for in a Perfect Pair of Yoga Shoes

In addition, the best yoga shoes have arch support that provides the foot with the necessary lift and support, making your activities on your feet more enjoyable. Like the act of yoga itself, the best yoga shoes will focus on flexibility as well as cushioning and support. As a result, they offer maximum support and have been designed to be more flexible and lighter than regular running shoes. Yoga shoes look like running shoes but have a thin sole for flexibility and a lightweight upper that allows air to circulate more freely. 

Style and Yoga Shoes

They look best with different types of yoga pants according to their fashionable curves, which makes women’s legs look slimmer and more elegant. In addition, yoga shoes are comfortable and give your pants a much less casual look. You can also wear any other chunky shoes because palaces are bulky or big pants and the shoes won’t look good on them. My own favorites are minimalist rubber-soled shoes that are perfect for people who don’t want to wear soft yoga shoes

You must determine your preferred style, body shape, weather, trouser pattern, and many other factors to make the right shoe choice. The other side of the equation is the ongoing issue of which shoes to wear to yoga class with which trouser style. 

In a Nutshell

If you can move your feet in your yoga shoes without limits, just like stretching in socks, you are a winner. Wear the shoes you want during class, but take them off before entering the yoga studio. It is common practice (and good etiquette) in yoga studios to take off your outdoor shoes in front of the door. 

In general, the shoes and clothes for regular yoga are also suitable for the most casual day-to-day wear, and as such, they are best paired with simple, understated shoe styles that blend in with them rather than compete with them or draw too much attention to them. 

Let your top, accessories, and occasion determine which of the shoe styles on our list you choose. 

But in fact, when you can choose the right yoga shoes, it is much more satisfying to wear shoes that go with your overall outfit.

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