7 Best Yoga Therapy Balls to Buy

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When it comes to yoga tune up balls, there are a few varieties out there in the markets, categorized based on their function. There are practice balls that help the body stretch to new limits- aka every yogi’s objective. And then there are yoga therapy balls which are used as a pressure point massage accessory to help release tension in a certain area; particularly lower back, neck and shoulders. 

These therapy balls are small and can easily fit into your hands- unlike the practice balls that are large enough that one person can sit over them: I suggest you try these bouncy and fun chair balls.

Back to the subject of yoga therapy balls, your muscle tension may be raised from bad posture, wrong practice or even mental stress. Whichever is the case, a pair of the best yoga therapy balls can do magic.

Despite being a self mastered yogi, or following a yoga instructor, you should go for an approved variety of yoga tuneup therapy balls for the best performance and results. Now, with countless options and colorful advertisements of yoga accessories, which one of the yoga massage balls offers value for your dollar’s worth? Here, we have gathered a list of top 7 yoga balls in the market with an extensive research on yoga instructors’ opinions, customer reviews and brand reputation. Let’s get into it:

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Choose Personal Favorite Yoga Therapy Massage Balls

  1. Yoga Tune Up Massage Balls
  2. Paissit Massage Balls
  3. Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls
  4. Yoga Tune Up Massage Therapy Balls
  5. ActiveProZone Therapy Massage Ball
  6. Yoga Massage Ball; Lacrosse Balls Massage
  7. Cork Massage Balls

Let’s Talk,

Top Pick

Yoga Tune Up Massage Balls


  • Color: Aqua Blue
  • Brand: YOGA TUNE UP
  • Material: Rubber
  • Power Source: Manual

Product Description:

  1. Noted among the most prominent yoga accessory manufacturers, Yoga Tune up offers several side instruments including yoga therapy balls.
  2. Customer reviews testify these balls to be firm and offer great grip while being used. The design is in such a way to take the pressure into different layers of muscle and connective tissue.
  3. The surface is covered with a nano structure that avoids slipping even when it comes in contact with sweat. The general size is about 2.5 inches in diameter and they are crafted from organic rubber- which makes them a great choice for those allergic with normal vinyl materials and whoever prefers natural substances over artificial ones.
  4. For storage, the yoga tuneup therapy balls are sold in a small mesh bag. You can choose from purple, green and blue sets of color.
Top Pick

Paissit Massage Balls


  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Paissit
  • Material: Chiffon

Product Description:

  1. Paissit is another well-known brand of exercise ball roll out and used by many experienced yogis. The size follows the standard feature of 2.5 inch diameter and is made from solid rubber as well.
  2. Durability, anti-slip surface area and affordability are among other features of these balls. They are designed to create the right amount of pressure on the trigger points, without slipping off and creating any extra pain and discomfort.You can choose from a wide range of colors according to your stylistic taste.
  3. These therapy ball amazon purchases come with a 30 day cash back guarantee as well.
Top Pick

Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls


  • Color: Blue and Red
  • Brand: Kieba
  • Material: Rubber

Product Description:

  1. Based on the customer testimonials and yoga instructors’ suggestions, these are one of the most preferred sets of self massage balls out there in the market. They come in the standard size of 2.5 inches in diameter and also purchased with storage mesh.
  2. While sitting on the affordable side of price ranges, these balls are extremely durable and offer a solid texture. They are curated from hundred percent organic rubber, to get into those tensed muscles without having to worry about chemical substances.
  3. What makes these  rubber massage balls stand out is they are slightly heavier, which is due to their dense construction. This feature enhances their pressure and hence a more effective massage experience. They are available in solid orange color, or fun duets and color combinations.
  4. These are actually the most popular self-massage balls on Amazon. Like the others, these are 2.5 inches across. They weigh in at 5 ounces each. That dense, heavy consistency of the solid rubber is perfect for rubbing your sore muscles to eliminate knots and tension. You will definitely feel a difference when you use these.
  5. To make matters even better, the company offers a return policy and money back guarantee for up to 30 days. 
Top Pick

Yoga Tune Up Massage Therapy Balls


  • Color: Varies
  • Brand: Tune Up Fitness
  • Material: Rubber
  • Power Source: Manual

Product Description:

  1. Another production from the infamous TUNE UP YOGA company, these rubber massage balls are designed with a different density from the initial addition. They are softer in texture and yet uphold the grip.
  2. The size follows the standard trigger massage ball chart of 2.5 inches diameter. According to customer reviews, they even get softer in time and by usability without compromising their function.
  3. The double set is sold in a mesh tote for stylish carrying and storage, and available in a set of colors. 
Top Pick

ActiveProZone Therapy Massage Ball


  • Color: 2 Balls – Size 2.75in – Turquoise
  • Brand: ActiveProZone
  • Material: Rubber

Product Description:

  1. Active prozone therapy balls are tested by the physiotherapy board for massage purposes. Hence, they are one of the most effective available varieties to help suit the muscle if used correctly.
  2. Some customers have even commented their muscular discomfort was completely eliminated only after a single day’s use.
  3. They are made to last from natural rubber, for an integral approach to health. These yoga and massage therapy balls are firm and anti-slip when in contact with skin, offering a reliable massage experience that gets better day after day. 
Top Pick

Lacrosse Balls Massage


  • Color: Orange and Black
  • Brand: Paissit
  • Material: natural fiber

Product Description:

  1. Whether it is foot pain, shoulder tension, back strains or even hand muscle dysfunction, these therapy target yoga ball are just the answer.
  2. They are made from natural fiber and designed with a perforated surface for an inventive design to increase grip. So you can put all your focus on finding the tension spots. This aspect of these therapeutic balls makes them stand among the top customer favorites, known for extreme ease of use.
  3. These yoga therapy balls are also resistant for multiple use, offering boundless massage and tension relieving experience in a single, affordable purchase.
  4. The company has gone wild with the colors, offering single color sets or double color sets from all the vibrant range of rainbow colors.
Top Pick

Cork Massage Balls


  • Set of 2 Classic 2.4″
  • Brand: Readian
  • Material: Cork

Product Description:

  1. The last one on our list is my own personal favorite. They are hundred percent made from cork material, which is derived from the bark of oak trees.
  2. These balls are slightly harder than the last varieties due to higher density of cork material. Although they still present a bouncy feature. These characteristics help to a more effective pressure implication.
  3. If you always look for materials and accessories with the least environmental footprints, these balls are just for you. They come in the natural earth color and are sold in a mesh tote.

How can you use therapy balls on other parts of your body?

You can use these balls to assist neck pain, release tension in the front of shoulder due to drooping posture, use them on the bottom of feet for toe injuries, flat-bottomed feet and many other occasions. Ask your yoga instructor for tips and precautionary advice while using the yoga therapy balls. 

Are you suffering from back pain?

Lower-back pain is an unbearable sort of issue. It would change your mood and interfere with any time of activity. Many adults face back problems at least once in their lives for shorter periods or longer time spans. The good news is most of these back pains are curable at home and with very simple practices. While most of these issues are related to bad posture and muscle tension, relieved tensed contraction helps to get rid of frustrating back throbs. 
To roll away the pain, all you need is a pair of exercise ball roller for massaging the affected zone. 

How Yoga Therapy Balls works?

In essence, these practices include getting into a certain position to create a pressure that is both strong enough while not too direct that causes further pain. The best yoga therapy balls are designed to grip onto the skin surface while rolling over them. This feature assists prevention of snapping under your weight and even causing further complications.
They get deep into the connective tissue binding and muscle strands and finally help loosen the built up tension.

How to use Yoga Therapy Balls?

For back issue:
Lie on your back and on a hard and flat surface. Bend your knees to form a 90 degree angle with the ground and then lift off your bottom. Slide in the balls on your lower back and put your weight back down on them. You should place the two balls into the depression or so called grooves of your lower back, with equal distance on either side of your spine. 
Put your feet back down and make your body straight. Using your arms and heels, slowly roll your back in the balls. The best way to move is by vertical motions. So the balls can roll up aligned with your spine in the middle back and then downwards again.
Now you must repeat this for the middle trunk of your back. While the pain may appear only in one part of your backside, it is often the work of several tense areas. An integral massage assures reeling of the tension for good.
Place the yoga stress balls in the middle back on either side of your spine and put your weight back down on them. Roll them up and down your middle and top shoulder.

How long do you need to practice?

It is proven that using the target stability ball massage for a period of 90 seconds offers the best results. Repetition of 10 to 12 times in each session is also advised. If the pain is increasing, stop the practice at any point.

Tip of the day

Suffering from muscle tension, the cause may be what you don’t eat! 

Vitamin D deficiency is the reason for many muscle issues. Add fatty food and omega rich substances like walnuts and salmon to your diet. You can also take Vitamin D supplements under your physician supervision. And don’t forget to get some sun. 

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