Top 6 Best Yoga Mat Cleaner to Buy

Yoga mats are an important aspect of your yoga practice. They’re a comfy area to relax your body during yoga and offer a sense of security and safety. Also, regardless of whether you’re doing your workout outside, at home, or in the studio. How do you ensure that you’re maintaining your mat without the risk of exposing your skin to harmful chemicals?

We have compiled the following list of the top yoga mat cleaning products. Find out what is best for your mat and you.

Here are our Top 6 Picks of Best Yoga Mat Cleaner

  1. ASUTRA Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner | Peaceful Lavender Aroma, 4 fl oz
  2. SUMI Eco Yoga Mat Cleaner + Free Microfiber Cleaning Towel Included |Misty Lavender, 4 fl oz
  3. TreeActiv Yoga Mat Spray | Tea Tree Oil & Witch Hazel Mist, 1000+ Sprays
  4. Aurorae Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Wash Cleaner, 4 fl oz
  5. Wipex The Original Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes | Lavender and Vinegar, 3 Canisters of 186 Wipes
  6. Luna Lifestyle Yoga Mat Cleaner + Free Microfiber Cleaning Towel Included, 4 oz
Top Pick

ASUTRA Yoga Mat Cleaner


  • Color : Peaceful Lavender
  • Brand : ASUTRA
  • Item Weight : 4 Ounces
Top Pick

SUMI Eco Yoga Mat Cleaner


  • Color : Misty Lavender
  • Brand : SUMI Eco
  • Item Weight : 4 Ounces
Top Pick

TreeActiv Yoga Mat Cleaner


  • Scent : Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus Oil
  • Brand : TreeActiv
  • Item Weight : 4 Ounces
Top Pick

Aurorae Yoga Mat Cleaner


  • Scent : Citrus
  • Brand : Aurorae
  • Item Weight : 4 Ounces
Top Pick

Wipex The Original Fitness Wipes


  • Scent : Lavender
  • Brand : Wipex
  • Item Form : Wipes
  • Unit Count : 3 Canisters of 186 Wipes
Top Pick

Luna Lifestyle Yoga Mat Cleaner


  • Color : Spring Meadows
  • Brand : Luna Lifestyle
  • Item Weight : 4 Ounces

A note on yoga mats and cleanliness

Yoga mats are personal objects. The main difference between doing yoga at home and in a studio, other than the instructor, is the yoga mats must be cleaned more often when used outside your home- so you need the best cleaner for gym mats.

Are you unsure of what to do to clean yoga mats in order for them to be free of stains and germs? No worries. Here is everything you need to be aware of about disinfecting and cleaning your yoga mat.

Just like you wash your clothes and body after yoga, it’s essential to wash your mat as well. Yoga studios are hot, which can leave your mat sweaty and damp, sided with the grime on the floor, and unprotected hands and feet; all make yoga mats a perfect environment for germs to thrive. This is how dirty yoga mats are.

Fungus and bacteria, viruses, and mildew can accumulate on a filthy mat. These microbes can trigger skin infections such as ringworm, plantar warts, athlete’s foot, and staph infections. A quick wash after every practice will keep your mat clean and free of any germs. Though there are plenty of choices; Organic cleaner? Wipes? Disinfectant? DIY? This guide helps determine which one is best for your mat and you.

The first step is to understand the distinction between disinfecting and cleaning. Cleaning gets rid of sweat, dirt, and bacteria off your mat. Infecting kills the bacteria present on your mat. Being a good steward of your mat is to do regular cleaning. Clean your mat after each use, and then deep clean at least once a month. If you attend classes outdoors or in a heated environment, you should clean your mats more frequently.

It is possible to use household disinfectants such as the best natural disinfecting wipes, on certain kinds of mats made of synthetic material. Tea vinegar, tree oil as well as witch hazel, are great alternatives to more harsh disinfectants. They won’t damage your mat or inflame your skin.

A safe and suitable product for your yoga mat

Making use of the wrong products may create odors or even make your yoga mat slippery. It’s not good to breathe in the odor of chemicals or fall off balance onto your mat. Before deciding which material is best for you, you need to find out about your mat and discover the materials it’s made from.

  1. Rubber Yoga Mats

Natural mats made of rubber are perfect for yoga classes that are hot. They absorb sweat and hold your feet and hands in the right place. The mats require gentle cleaning with organic and water-based cleaners; be sure to check the label on the bottle of the antibacterial yoga mat cleaner for rubber. Also, you can use a solution of mild detergent for your fabric or dish soap. Avoid scrubbing it too hard; If you scrub too hard, it can harm the mat’s natural stickiness, making it more difficult to hold on to the mat.

  1. PVC Yoga Mats

Synthetic materials, such as PVC and TPE (eco-friendly type) don’t absorb sweat or smells. The majority of cleansing products for yoga mats or wipes are safe on mats made of synthetic. Simply spray the mat and wipe it clean! After every use, disinfect it then give it a once-a-month wash using water and mild dish soap.

  1. Cork yoga mats

Cork yoga mats can also be described as a sensitive material that requires a specific cleaning procedure. However, the cork mats naturally are antimicrobial and antibacterial and don’t have to be cleaned every time. All you have to do is cork mats are as easy as wiping the mat using an absorbent towel or a disinfectant yoga mat wipe. Allow the mat to dry completely once you’ve scrubbed it. Do not use cleaning products that contain lots of fragrances or chemicals because they could cause damage to the mat. Make sure you allow the mat to fully dry before rolling up.

Best Yoga Mat Cleaner

The first step is to understand the distinction between disinfecting and cleaning. Cleaning eliminates sweat, dirt, and germs off your mat. Clean your mat after each use and if you are taking classes that are heated or outdoors, then you must clean your mats more frequently. If you’re uncomfortable making your own cleaning solution, you can purchase a yoga mat cleaning spray instead.

There are many household disinfectants available, often made from synthetic materials. Organic cleaners usually include Tea tree oil, vinegar as well as witch hazel, which are excellent alternatives to harsher disinfectants. They are perfect for the prevention of harm to your mat or inflaming your skin.

To clean yoga mats

To effectively get rid of dirt, sweat, and grime that occurs in time, it is important to regularly clean your mat.

It is possible to clean your yoga mat in the same way that you wash your hands with dish soap and water. But you can harm your yoga mat material this way. I highly recommend using trusted solutions and wipe to disinfect your mat.  

Do I wash a yoga mat using the washing machine?

Technically speaking, certain manufacturers offer yoga mats that are machine washable. Be aware that although the idea of putting your mat into the washer alongside your yoga clothes. Always ensure that you go over the directions first, and follow exactly the instructions given by the manufacturer. Also, avoid harsh detergents.

Can I use wipes on my yoga mat?

You should keep the wipes for other surfaces beyond your yoga mat and ensure they do not contain harsh chemicals. Moreover, you can accomplish similar disinfecting using less abrasive alternatives.

By cleaning your yoga mat after each use with wipes, you not only eliminate the bacteria but allow less time for the chemical residues to accumulate and eventually cause damage to your mat. You also decrease the likelihood of them causing irritation to your skin the next time you use them.

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