The 5 Best Foam Yoga Blocks

There are several types of yoga blocks from a material point of view, including wood, cork blocks, hard rubber, and foam yoga supports. However, foam blocks are the most popular variety among yogis for a variety of reasons. 

First of all, they are extremely light and easy to carry to a yoga class, nature yoga session, or fit into a traveler’s bag. They are comfortable and strong at the same time.

Below, you can find the guide to the 5 best foam yoga blocks available in the market.

  1. Gaiam Yoga Block
  2. Manduka unBLOK Yoga Block
  3. Clever Yoga Blocks (Pack of 2)
  4. Prosource Fit Foam Yoga Blocks (Pack of 2)
  5. Manduka Yoga Block

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Top Pick

Gaiam Yoga Block


  • Color : Black
  • Brand : Gaiam
  • Material : Durable Supportive Foam
  • Item Dimensions : 9″W x 6″H x 4″D
  • Item Weight : 4.8 Ounces
Top Pick

Manduka unBLOK Yoga Block


  • Color : Thunder
  • Brand : Manduka
  • Material : Recycled EVA Foam
  • Item Dimensions : 3.94″ x 5.91″ x 9.06″ 
  • Item Weight : 10.6 ounces
Top Pick

Clever Yoga Block


  • Color : Black
  • Brand : Clever Yoga
  • Material : High Density EVA Foam
  • Item Dimensions : 4″ x 6″ x 9″
  • Item Weight : 7 ounces
Top Pick

Prosource Fit Foam Yoga Block


  • Color : Pink
  • Brand : Prosource
  • Material : High Density EVA Foam
  • Item Dimensions : 4″ x 6″ x 9″
  • Item Weight : 5.6 ounces
Top Pick

Manduka Yoga Block


  • Color : Thunder-Foam
  • Brand : Manduka
  • Material : Recycled EVA Foam
  • Item Dimensions : 9.06″ x 5.91″ x 3.94″
  • Item Weight : 9.5 ounces

Features of Foam Yoga blocks

The general size of foam yoga blocks is 9 x 6 x 4 inches, although some companies may offer their unique dimensions other than the usual 4-inch foam block. 

In essence, they resemble bricks that have soft edges to prevent sharp corners that may prove uncomfortable throughout the practice.

How to Find the Best Foam Yoga Block

A must-have addition to yoga sets for beginners, here are a handful of features to look for when choosing your foam yoga blocks. All of these factors are put together to help to find the best yoga equipment that is up to your expectations, lasts you a long time and above all gives you a bang for the buck. The most important factors in foam yoga blocks are:

  1. Price

Similar to buying the best yoga mats, yoga blocks should not be too expensive. They are built with a simple design and made from a single material, which should not be too expensive. However, if your yoga block is too cheap, chances are that it won’t last a long time with you. 

  1. Style

You may think style is not a practical feature to consider, and you are right. But I think that you should care about the style of your yoga blocks. It affects the personal satisfaction levels and helps you enjoy your yoga session even more. 

  1. Brand Reputation

This is a big one to consider; if you want your yoga blocks to last and provide support and stability without fail, always go for reputable brands. 

  1. Dimensions

Matching the body size and type of practice you are aiming for, you can go for larger blocks if you possess a tall figure, some blocks offer a lower height which is a great addition to provide support to small joints such as the neck and as yoga wrist support blocks, as well as using around the injured areas. 

  1. Comfort

Comfort may be an obvious feature to consider, but it doesn’t mean you should overlook it. Smooth exterior, contoured edges, and high-density foam yoga blocks present a more pleasant practice than those with sharp corners and rough surfaces. Also, dense foam blocks are always superior in terms of support and stability. 

  1. Customer Reviews

Checking out the customer reviews before shopping for your yoga blocks keeps you one step ahead. Without spending any money or wasting time on invaluable yoga accessories, you can use previous customers’ wisdom about a foam yoga block.

Pay attention to their complaints and positive inputs and how the blocks have helped them to enhance their practice. Not only will you save money before you buy yoga blocks, but also have peace of mind while clicking the purchase button.

All of our suggested products on this list are reviewed by experienced yogis first hand and combine other features such as side, comfort, and customer reviews to provide you with the best selection of foam yoga blocks to choose from.

How Foam Yoga Blocks Enhance Your Yoga Poses

Despite being a beginner or advanced level yogi, yoga blocks can help you gain stability and take off the pressure from your joints and muscles in challenging poses. This way your body gets introduced to new limits at a slower rate hence has time to adjust. 

Yoga blocks provide support for the poses that expand and stretch back, head and hips. Here is an overview of how these blocks can improve your practice;

  • Offers stability by filling the gap between you and the floor- yoga block size is important depending on the pose and flexibility levels.
  • Improves posture and alignment while performing poses
  • Especially significant to beginner yogis
  • Assist correct muscle and joint engagement in a pose
  • Provides support if there are joint and muscle injuries

If you are using a block to assist an injury, combine the foam yoga block exercises with other accessories, such as knee pads, and yoga mats for joint injuries. And if you are wondering what are yoga blocks and straps used for, check out our best practice at home yoga tutorial videos here.

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